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.dear isaac.
.august 09, 2001.


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.August 09, 2001.

Dear Isaac,
It was a mistake. It was all a misunderstanding. It was his birthday present. The gift from your family and our family. A red 2001 Plymouth Prowler. He had had it for less than an hour. It was the car of his dreams, and they had to cut him out of it. The police told my siblings and I that the semi-truck didnt see him turning the corner. They also said the life was sucked right from his body by the force of the impact of the eighteen wheeler, so he felt absolutely no pain. I cant believe he is gone. It was only less than eight hours ago that he smiled at me and said, "I cant wait until Leah and I finally gather enough money together to get married. I wish I didnt have to wait another minute. Ill see you later tonight, Mollie, love you, bye." And that was it. The last words he spoke to me as he walked out the front door, heading to Tad's house. Five hours later, we got the call. Ely answered the phone. I was in the living-room, and I heard her scream, "No! NO! NOT WES!!" She released the phone from her grip, and dropped to her knees, crying. I rushed into the kitchen, where Ely was shuddering and trembling on the new tile floor. Her face was tightly thrown into her knees, and she kept screaming, "No! Not Wes!." Her voice was barely audible through all of her tears. I lifted the cordless phone from the ground, "Hello?." "Hello, Miss. James....I am afraid I have some bad news about your brother...." And then I realized what Ely had been screaming about. Wes was gone. Our brother was gone. He was gone for good. I feel horrible, because he was the only thing holding our family together. It was not even seven months ago that Mom and Dad died in the airplane accident....and now Ely, Toby, and I have to deal with Wess absence! It isnt fair.
Oh, Isaac! Why did God call upon Wes? He had so much left to do! He was going to marry Leah, and they were going to have a long, happy life together! They planned on having children. "Four of them," Wes once said, "Two boys, Christian and Oliver, and two girls, Lottie and Emma." They planned on having a family together. Oh, no. Now, I feel even more awful. Because Leah doesnt know yet. Shes still sleeping, dreaming of their three year anniversary this Saturday, which will never be. Ike, please fly back for the funeral. Wes always talked about how much he wished you would have stayed in Oklahoma for college, and not gone off to Manhattan. You guys were so close. Even though you two were best friends, I feel horrible for Ely and Toby. They are only sixteen years old, Ike! They have already lost their parents and their older brother! I am the only one they have now! The only blood family they have got! Thank God for your brothers. Theyre over here now, in the living-room comforting Ely and Toby. Toby, the poor guy....his role-model is gone.
Well, I know that I will see you soon. Call me whenever you receive this letter, I would love to hear from you. I am sorry, Isaac....I know he meant a lot to you. He meant a lot to me, too. I am also sorry that the reason we are going to see each other is for something like this.

Your Best Friend,
Mollie James

.september 06, 2001.