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.dear isaac.
.september 06, 2001.


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.september 06, 2001.

Dear Isaac,
Oh, my God! Things couldnt possibly become any worse! My life is fine....but Ely's....shes a wreck! Last night, around midnight, when she was leaving work,she was pulling her keys from her purse to open her car door, and this gigantic man with a mask grabbed her by her arms, and dragged her into the alley way behind the old Reasors. He almost beat the life right out of her! There were bruises, gashes, blood, and open wounds everywhere! Then he raped her, Ike! The guy raped my little sister! My baby sister....HE RAPED HER!!! Thank goodness for Zachary. He has basically vowed to spend every waking and sleeping moment comforting Ely. I mean, it's not every day that your best friend is nearly killed by a man who only feels the need to force young girls to have sex with him! I feel so badly for her. Shes my baby sister, Isaac. Shes only sixteen.
Gosh, Isaac! I wish you could come back just for a little while. I need to see you. I miss you. I know you probably miss me, too. There is no one there who is as dumb as I to clean up after you in the kitchen. (You really are horrible about that. At least put your dishes in the SINK!--Thats what its there for--smart one.) I had to cancel my date with Robbie--the guy from my work I told you about--for tonight because of what happened to Ely. She asked me not to go. Shes become overly cautious. The only people she will talk to are Zac, Taylor, Toby, and I. She wouldnt even say anything to the police officers that flooded our house until seven o'clock this morning. The reporters asked her questions and all she did was reach for Zac, and place her face into his chest, and hold him tight. Then Zac told each reporter that Ely wasnt able to speak because of her precious injuries. They didn't stop interrogating him. They actually asked him if he was involved! They wanted to know if it was a gang-rape or if it was a single-man operation! Were they kidding!?! Zac has been nothing but Elys best friend since birth! He would never do anything to hurt her. Ever.
I cant believe things like this are happening to my family. If Wes were here, he'd know what to do. Thanks for listening, Isaac. We miss you terribly. Come home soon.

Your Best Friend,
Mollie James